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We can't believe it, but
years ago, "Big John" Livaditis was contacted at his Zesto Drive-In on Peachtree Road (across from Brookwood Station) by a Christmas tree grower who offered him an opportunity to sell Christmas trees on his Zesto property. Big John, a larger than life man, who was a former policeman, Golden Gloves boxer in the army and Gen. Mark Clark's driver in WWII and ever the entrepreneur, was ready to create another business in Atlanta. His nickname came in handy and a business was born!

Big John's Christmas tree business would grow to become Atlanta's standard bearer, as everyone knew that he had the very best trees! His sons, Lee and Jimbo, after years of mentoring by Big John, became the next generation of "Bigs" to carry on the family-run tradition. Today, Jimbo's family runs the business and his kids, John (II), Lucas, and Anastasia, are the third generation of Livaditis' taking the business forward. Many family members and friends have worked with Big John's for years, some even decades, to create the Atlanta institution that now spans 7 decades!

Like Big John before them, Jimbo and John (II) personally visit the very best growers and horticulturists in the US and Canada (three National and State Grand Champion growers), continuing Big John's tradition of "hand-picking" your tree and special select wreaths and roping. By visiting our growers (some of whom we've bought from for 50 years) and with hands-on inspection, we can ensure that you're getting the freshest and very best trees and greenery available. To guarantee this quality, we have two simple rules: to harvest product as late as possible, and to handle and maintain our products so as to preserve their freshness and structure. Additionally, fresh trees and greenery are brought in almost daily to give you the best selection possible. The unsurpassed beauty of our trees and specialty greenery is why Big John's is the choice of Atlanta's most well-known professional designers and appreciative customers. And our unsurpassed selection of Specials and Old-Fashioned  trees (the hand-picked, cream-of-the-crop for balance, symmetry, proportion, texture, color and what we call triangularity and decoratability)—well, you've just got to see them to appreciate them!

Adding to Big John's vision of having the best selection of fresh, premium trees was his commitment to service. Your visit will be marked by our attentive, caring and knowledgeable crew who seek to understand your needs and expectations and are committed to a total quality buying experience. As always, your tree is fresh cut, "gift-wrapped," mounted in your Big John's stand if needed, and loaded onto your vehicle, with our compliments. Our managers will even make selections on your behalf if your time is short. Our experienced tree-lighting crew can carefully wrap the branches of your tree with the highest quality lights and our Just in the Time of Nick Delivery Service in-home delivery and installation service round out the "Big John's Christmas Trees Experience."

One of Big John's quiet legacies was his commitment to the community. We are a proud sponsor of Atlanta Public Schools and enjoy giving back to our communities. As always, your continued trust is appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you soon in this, our 75th year in Atlanta!

Y'all have a Biggun',

The Big John's Family

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